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Bismarck 2020 Graduating Radiology Students

Sanford Medical center Graduating 2020 Radiology Students

Trinity Health Graduating Radiology Students

Northland Community College Graduating Radiology Students


Essay Information

The top three essays submitted by students will present their essays at the annual meeting of the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists. The following rules and regulations govern the essay competition in the information below as specified. Deadline for manuscripts is February 15th.

Get more details about the essays here!

Get application form  here

Congratulations to our Student Essay Winners!

The North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists is proud to announce our student essay winners. The winners have made a video of their essays.

First place winner: Caley Nelson

Second place winner: Paige Brodehl

Third place winner: Sydney Hall

Congratulations Caley, Paige, and Sydney!

Please click on links to hear their presentations.

Exhibit Information

Competition for display awards at the annual meeting of the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists is available to members of the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists in two categories: Registered Technologists and Student Technologists. The following rules and regulations govern the competition in the categories as specified. Deadline for exhibits is February 15th.

Get more details about the exhibits here!

Get application form here

Clara Sanger Scholarship

The Clara Sanger Scholarship is an essay scholarship. The details are in the application below. Deadline for essays are March 1st.

Get more details about the scholarship here and apply here

ASRT Student Leadership Development Program

This is an amazing opportunity for students to get the chance to know the ASRT, attend educational sessions, and network with medical imaging and radiation therapy professonials. Details are provided in the links on this page. Deadline for applications is December 19th.

Get more details about the program here!


 The North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists proudly congratulates Caley Nelson as our recipient of the Clara Sanger Scholarship. 

Caley is awarded a $100.00 scholarship on behalf of the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists in honor of Clara Sanger, a former educator and Life Member of the NDSRT. 



Congratulations Ariel Bialik!

My name is Ariel Bialik. I graduated summa cum laude with my bachelors degree in religious

studies from the University of North Dakota in August of 2018 and am currently enrolled in a radiologic

technologist educational program at Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks.

My expected date of graduation from the radiologic technologist program I am enrolled in is May, 2021.

After graduation I intend to get a bit over a year of work experience as a registered radiographer in a

hospital setting before going on to earn a master’s degree in radiologic science from a radiologist

assistant educational program. Of the radiologist assistant educational programs I have researched, I am

most strongly considering attending the radiologist assistant educational program at Weber State

University in Ogden Utah because the tuition seems very reasonable compared to other programs and

they require one year of work experience as a radiographer whereas the other program I was

considering with competitive tuition (Midwestern State University in Texas) requires two years of work

experience as a registered radiographer. In the event that the Medicare Access to Radiology Act were

made law and radiologist assistants were made mid-level providers, I would be strongly interested in

having my own practice.

As someone who has had their own medical struggles and complications I understand the great

importance of accurate diagnosis and treatment of pathologic medical conditions and have a great deal

of compassion and empathy for others who struggle with their own medical complications. I had two

major back surgeries in 2011 to remove extra cervical ribs from my back (C8) that were the result of a

genetic abnormality/mutation that caused severe muscle spasms, constricted blood flow to my arms,

and nerve damage around this time period. Although my back condition has improved significantly from

these surgeries since then, I still deal daily with chronic nerve pain and muscle tension in my upper back

that were caused by this damaging condition. I also had five wrist surgeries from January 2011 to March

of 2013 due to a recurrent giant cell bone tumor that destroyed my left wrist and necessitated a wrist

fusion in January 2012 that was made possible by removing the fibula in my left leg and grafting this into

my wrist and fusing it in place with a metal plate.

I aspire to become a radiologist assistant not only because I believe that I will enjoy the work

and find the profession personally rewarding, but because I would like to help others who like myself

have struggled with chronic health conditions. Although I have not attended or participated in any

NDSRT events or activities in the past, I am ready to take advantage of the opportunities for educational

and professional development that the NDSRT and ASRT have to offer and am also interested in being a

future candidate for elected positions on the NDSRT board. As someone who is excelling in my academic

studies as well as taking the necessary steps to become a future leader in the field of radiology, I believe

an individual such as myself would be a valuable asset to your organization. I believe the opportunities

for networking, professional growth, and collaboration with knowledgeable leaders in the radiology field

afforded to me by such an opportunity would help me to take better proactive measures going forward

towards becoming the future leader in the radiology industry that I seek to become. I am also interested

in helping others who seek to become future leaders in the radiology field take the necessary proactive

measures to achieve their goals and believe that my involvement with your organization would better

enable me to provide insight for and help others who seek to contribute to the radiology profession in

both professional and leadership capacities.

Regional Schools of Radiologic Technology


300 North 7th Street

Bismarck, North Dakota 58506

Program Director: Cindy Hanson

Phone: 701-323-5470

E-mail: [email protected]

Begins: August

Length: 22 months

Award: Certificate


Sanford Medical Center

3148 Fiechtner Dr.

Route 2751

Fargo, North Dakota 58103

Program Director: Amanda Grocott

Phone: 701-234-4949

E-mail: [email protected]

Begins: August

Length: 21 months

Award: Certificate (accepting only degreed students to receive a Bachelor of Science)


2022 Central Avenue North East

East Grand Forks, Minnesota 56721

Program Director: Debra Beland

Phone: 218-793-2616

E-mail: [email protected]

Begins: August

Length: 21 months

Award: Associate of Applied Science

Class Size: 16


900 East Broadway Avenue

Bismarck, North Dakota 58502-5510

Program Director: Kim Lennick

Phone: 701-530-7751

E-mail: [email protected]

Begins: July

Length: 24 months

Award: Certificate


420 3rd St SE

PO Box 5020

Minot, North Dakota 58702

Program Director: Michelle Bratton, J.D. RT(R)(MR)

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 701-857-2316

Begins: July

Length: 24 months

Award: Certificate

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