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Board Members

Chairman of the Board

Tamara (Tammy) Romesha

Intermediate Chairman

Alexandria (Allie) Reisenauer


Amanda Grocott

President Elect

Carla Barrios

Vice President

Dawn McCarty


Lori Kiefert

              Treasurer Elect

                                  Cori Brothers



Abigail (Abby) Berg


Warren Freier

Past Presidents

2020-2021 Alexandria Reisenauer

2019-2020   Tamara Romesha

2018-2019   Barb Waite
2017-2018   Kendra Akset
2016-2017   Al Shervold
2015-2016   Joe Gemmill
2014-2015   Brenda Krogen
2013-2014   Warren Freier
2012-2013   Warren Freier
2011-2012   Janell Anderson
2010-2011   Ann Bell-Pfeifer
2009-2010   Kristie Parkinson
2007-2009   Shawn Worley
2006-2007   Tina Rodgers
2005-2006   Barb Cook
2004-2005   Linda Vallevik
2003-2004   Brenda Demke
2002-2003   Denise Westlund
2001-2002   Linda Conneran

2000-2001   Shirley Porter

1999-2000   Amy Hofmann

1998-1999   Cindy Milkey

1997-1998   Lisa Stocks Brush

1996-1997   Charlene Schroeter

1995-1996   Donna Newman

1994-1995   Lynn Speral

1993-1994   Neil Bosch

1992-1993   Wade Scarski

1991-1992   Gary Goldade

1990-1991   Tony Kleinjan

1989-1990   Maureen Larrabee

1988-1989   Nancy Johnson

1987-1988   Greg Morrison

1986-1987   Kristi Poole

1985-1986   Barry Humphrey

1984-1985   Neil Bosch

1983-1984   Colleen Learned

1982-1983   Alan Kremlacek

1981-1982   Wayne Hart

1980-1981   Gale Wynia

1980-1980   Kurt Skodje (resigned)

1978-1980   Dennis Wipperling

1977-1978    Eric Chalimonczyk

1977-1977    Ben Sanderson (resigned)

1976-1977    Michael Benzmiller

1975-1976    Curt Noyes

1974-1975    Gerald Wallman

1973-1974    John Dolan

1972-1973    Vernon Schauer

1971-1972    Dennis Hagen

1970-1971    Sister Renee

1969-1970   Tony Nieman

1968-1969   Raymond Tangwall

1967-1968   Don Vetter

1966-1967   Dorothy Jenkins

1965-1966   Vernon Schauer

1964-1965   John Hock

1963-1964   Eric Chalimonczyk

1962-1963   Sister Thomas

1961-1962   Rodney Peterson

1960-1961   Harold Affeldt

1959-1960   Sister Wanda

1958-1959   Edward Drewello

1957-1958   James Drummond

1956-1957   Sister St. Joseph

1955-1956   Amanda Carlson

1954-1955   Arthur Mathiesen

1953-1954   Clara Sanger

1952-1953   H.E. Grandlund

1951-1952   Chester Wyngarden

Additional Links

Meet Our Students

Congratulations Al Shervold! 

The North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists proudly recognizes Al Shervold as our newest Honorary Life Member of the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists. Al has been a long time educator in the radiology sciences and huge supporter of our society. Congratulations Al....he is retired, but shared he is keeping up his credits........just in case...........

Congratulations Danielle Goetz as our Lester Shook Lecturer recipient!

Danielle Goetz was given the highest recognition a technologist can receive from the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists, to present the Lester Shook Lecture. Due to the Pandemic, we will be recording Danielle's lecture and offer it to our members as a continuing education for credits from the ARRT. (Coming Soon)

Lester Shook Honorary Lecturer

Danielle Goetz